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Living in Athleisure - Leelan - Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Women's Tops, Shrugs, Skirts, Shirts, T-Shirts, Palazzo, Dresses, etc

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Living in Athleisure

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I can’t recall how many times I have struggled to get out of my gym clothes after a super-sweaty session and rushing off to run errands. That is when I started wondering if I could take my workout wear out of the gym and not look like an outcast. Guess what? Gigi Hadid and Deepika Padukone, my two icons when it comes to high-street fashion, agreed, and that was the green light for me to embrace my workout wear and take it outside.

Following the rising trend (read: rage) of athleisure, the best of the names in sportswear changed their tracks to design outfits that are as sexy in the gym as they are outside. Ask any girl who enjoys a good burn at the gym, and she’ll tell you that getting in and out of her sports bra and tights is a different workout itself. Thanks to athleisure, you can run and grab your cuppa in your workout wear, and look stunning while at it.

All you need is a cover-up. Nope, not your bikini cover-up. That’s better off at the beach. I’m talking jackets, capes, bomber jackets, and what has become a staple in our wardrobes, the shrug. A longline shrug or a waterfall shrug takes negligible space in your duffle bag, is light, breezy, and allows all the mobility you need.

Negative hassle of accessories, favourite pair of workout shoes, and if you’re in the mood of adding a little detail, cat eye-liner. Here’s how I have styled my uber-cool black and white striped waterfall shrug with a 3/4th sleeve. It’s ribbed and hence, perfect for the fall. Just after I have killed all my muscles at the gym, I slip into a cute yet sexy athleisure avatar with the workout wear I could live in all day! Here’s how you can too.

I have only highlighted my eyes with some liner and a nude lip shade. However, if you want to keep it au natural, don’t bother. Te after-workout glow is sure to do its magic.
Talk about an Instagram-worthy outfit! I tie up the shrug around the waist for a bit of playfulness for when I go click click click in the gym after a workout.

With the right pair of leggings and hite sneakers, the outfit is an absolute conversation-starter. Although, I am just happy not having to struggle with gym clothes every time I wanna grab a cuppa. These take me from the gym to the road sans any effort.

The shrug helps me keep warm during fall, the wide and narrow black strips on the white make me look slimmer. Its waterfall hem is flowy and doesn’t stick to my body, allowing all the air and movement, allowing me to transform from beast mode to play mode in the blink of an eye!

Now that I have decoded the secret of donning athleisure, I am never again struggling to get into my jeans and top when I can go out in my tights and sports bra, just with the help of a shrug.

Leggings: Puma
Sneakers: Koovs
Sports Bra: Zivame
Shrug: Leelan

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